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Every brand has a story. How are you telling yours?

Podcasting is a powerful medium capable of forging timeless connections between creators and audiences, but jumping into this fast-paced industry can be a daunting task. 

At PodMixers, we live to help your brand find its voice on this ever-expanding global stage. 

From show ideation & content strategy through technical setup & your first recording, our industry experts are here to guide your story all the way from the drawing board to your listeners' headphones. 


Podcasts are as diverse as the podcasters who create them.


There isn't a universal formula for success in this medium, nor is there a universal setup that will guarantee great content.

Rest assured, the  dedicated production specialists at PodMixers are trained to create custom-tailored recording solutions to serve your podcast's unique needs.

Whether you have access to an acoustically treated soundroom, or you plan on recording at a coffee shop, you can focus 100% on creating compelling content and leave the editing, splicing, mixing, and mastering up to us. 


The most glorious audio on Earth has no value if no one ever hears it.


Publishing your show and promoting it properly is as important as hitting the record button.


Our post-production team can alleviate the hassle of show promotion by publishing directly to your hosting platform and website, creating Search Engine Optimized show notes & ID3 tags, and creating social media shoutouts through Audiograms and Tweetables.

Ensure your story is heard by the people who need to hear it most by partnering with PodMixers.


Record your podcast

Upload raw recordings to your PodMixers account

We edit, mix, master and publish your podcast 

Your podcast becomes available on iTunes, Google, Stitcher, Spotify & Podcast Apps 

Record. Upload. Relax.

World Class Podcast Production for Busy People

Pro-Audio PodMixing  Case Study

Raw Audio
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(Headphones Recommended)

Raw Audio Uploaded to

- No Intro/Outro

- Low Volume

- Recorded in Stereo (Mono Output to L only)

- High Room Noise

- Prevalent Vocal Stumbles & Crutch Phrases

- Poor Overall Audio Quality

Final Mix
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Final Mix Ready for Distribution

- Great Audio Quality

- Custom Intro & Outro Created from Episode Content

- Room noise eliminated

- Converted to true Stereo

- Vocal stumbles corrected to create natural flow

- Amplitude adjusted to industry standard -16LUFS

To get started, learn about our services and sign up for the production plan that works best for you.

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